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The Best Vaporesso Tanks

Vaporesso was established as a vape company in Shenzhen China. It was introduced by a parent company known as SMOORE. By building innovative vape devices, Vaporesso has proven to be passionate about vaping. From their e-cigarettes to Vape Pods, Vape Kits to Vape Mods, Vape accessories to Vape Tanks, they have been standing awesome throughout the vape market. Their tanks are manufactured in a way to is suitable for any vape user belonging to different levels. We will have a detailed eye on the types, features, liquid ranges, accessories, and offered user levels by them in their tanks.

Vaporesso Has a Vast Variety of Tanks

Vaporesso offers Direct to Lung(DTL), and Sub Ohm tanks. Both tanks vary in their functions and forms.

Direct to Lung(DTL): The offered tank of this form is Vaporesso Drizzle Tank 1.8ML. This tank allows the vape to directly travel to the lungs. This function is made easy with a wide mouthpiece at the top of the tank.

Sub Ohm: As shown by the name, sub-ohm tanks possess adjustable ohm which ultimately affects the production of vapes. It results in intense cloud production with heavy flavor.

Vaporesso Tanks Are Unique

Their tanks are made unique by the introduction of unique features in them. If we look at them in detail, we get the following features:

Adjustable Airflow: The adjustability of airflow allows the tank to control the range of vape production. The vape can be reduced or increased by this feature. It depends on the vape user and what sort of vape he wants. 

Top Fill: Their top-fill tanks allow easy refill of the e-liquid. Unlike the tanks manufactured in past, these tanks do not need to be separated from the kit. The liquid is easily refilled from the top of the vape. 

Diameter: Vaporesso tanks come 18 mm in diameter. These tanks are usually cylindrical, unlike the past tanks which used to be pen style. 

Different Liquid Ranges

The liquid choice depends on the vaper. Some vapers like nicotine salts but some have another choice. Vaporesso has given diversity of choice to its customers. Their liquid ranges include 50VG/50PG(Universal), and High PG(60%+ PG). Their coil included a Vaporesso Drizzle Tank with 1.8 ML of capacity that can bear both liquid types.

Provided Extra Accessories

Sometimes a part of an accessory of the tank is damaged or lost. To overcome this loss, Vaporesso Vape tanks come with extra accessories including Spare Coil and Spare Glass. A spare Coil is provided in case the attached coil is damaged due to extra heat or any other problem. These accessories are easily replaceable by the vaper.

User Ranges for Vaporesso Tanks

They offer vape tanks for Beginner Vapers and Intermediate Vapers.

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