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The Premier Online Vape Shop UK

For years Guardian Vape has been the United Kingdom’s leading e-cigarette and online vape shop UK, offering vaping hardware, e-beverages, and e-cigarette starter kits. Our vape shop offers same-day fulfillment and enterprise-level customer support. We have a large selection of e-liquids in hundreds of flavors with different VG/PG ratios. Juul, Vaporesso, FreeMax, Innokin, Aspire, UWELL, Bazooka, I JOY, Voopoo, and SMOK are just a few of the well-known brands represented in our vape store online. You may discover everything you need in our online shop, including a complete vape package, e-liquid, and replacement hardware, such as coils. Over 100 unique products are available in our add-ons section, ranging from e-cigarette batteries to coils, cases, chargers, box mods, dip trips, and more!

Start Your Journey with Exceptional Vape Products

Whether you’re just starting out on your smoke-free journey after quitting smoking or a seasoned e-cigarette user, our selection of vape products UK will ensure you never go without. We’ve got you covered at our vape shop, whether you want large ambitious e-drinks or pleasant fruity notes, or simply need to know what is vaping.  We carry high-quality e-cigarette kits, vape pens with cutting-edge liquid tiers, tanks, and next-generation box mods. With hardware brands like Smok, Aspire, and Innokin, as well as e-liquid brands like Twelve Monkeys, Dinner Lady, I VG, and Nasty Juice, our vape store in the UK, have the best vape selection.


Guardians vape is the most popular vape shop UK, and we’ve been assisting vapers for years. If you need some expert advice, are unclear which e-cig starter kit is best for you, our vape team is here to assist you.

Kits for Vaping

A vape package is a comprehensive kit that includes all of the necessary components to get started vaping. Everything from the vape mod to the tank to the atomizer is included.

Juice for Vaping

Vape liquid contains nicotine and propylene glycol, as well as extra flavorings and additives. All vape juices differ in terms of nicotine content, with some holding 20 mg/ml e-liquid nicotine, others possessing 6 mg/ml nicotine, and yet others containing no e-liquid nicotine at all.

Flavors for e-cigarettes

When it comes to vape tastes, vapers tend to have their own personal preferences when it comes to selecting vape liquids. There are a ton of vape liquid flavors to choose from at our best vape shop UK, from some of the most well-known brands. Some of our best-selling flavors are Double Drip, Dinner Lady, Pachamama, Nasty Juice, and IVG, but with hundreds to select from, we’re confident you’ll find your favorites.

Hardware for Vaping

Vape hardware UK refers to the individual components that make up a complete vape kit. The vape gear comes first, followed by the e-liquid.
A vape tank or atomizer, a battery and charger, and e juice are all included in most vape kits. Vape tanks are made out of a glass tube that holds the e juice and the coil itself, as well as a mouthpiece. When energy is delivered from the battery to create vapor from the e-liquid, the coil heats up. You’ll need a couple of different types of well-suited tanks to use with different devices.
A vape mod is another common vape product UK, included in our list of vapes for sale, that is slightly larger but allows for more customizing of parameters, such as temperature control and wattage mode. There are even some container mods available, with most power outputs of 200 watts or higher – ideal for experienced cloud chasers! Check out us vape shop’s satisfying field mods.

Enjoy The Best Vape Deals UK

If you’re looking for great vape deals UK, go to our vape store online and check out the huge selection of flavors and deals we have in our vape superstore. Vampire Vape, Wick Liquor, and Dinner Lady are just a few of the well-known brands that can be found there. Guardian Vape, being the best vape supplier UK, is committed to offering excellent service and security, with independent quality control and inspection methods available. Our rates are set to be competitive, but we also strive to provide excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Trust The Experts In Vaping And Start Your Vaping Journey!

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E-liquids BrandsGuardian Vape | Ultimate Puff | Pacha Mama | Moor Seen | Doozy Vape | Dinner LadyNasty Juice | Keep it 100 | Kingston | Fantasia | Big Drip | XHALE | Tngo| IVG | Guilty Pleasure | Willy Squonker | The Collector | Vape Bubble | Lit 24 Seven | Bazooka | Loco Vapes | Drip More | Dr. Frost | Martini’s | Vape 1/23 | Nitro’s | Kilo | Other Brands.
E-liquids FlavoursTobacco & Menthol & Mint | Chocolates & Sweets | Desserts and Bakery | Drinks | Fruity | Others.
Salt NicotineGuardian Vape | Pacha Mama | Dinner Lady | Doozy Vape | Nasty Juice | Blue Star | Other Nic Salt .
Nicotine ShotsGuardian Vape | Pilot School | Blue Star .


Kits BrandsInnokin | Vaporesso | Geek Vape | Lost Vape | VooPoo | Free Max | SMOK | Aspire | iJOY | OBS | Vzone | Other Brands.
Kits User LevelAdvanced User Kits | Beginner Kits | Intermediate Kits.
Kit TypesCompact Vape Kits | Sub Ohm Vape Kits | Pod-Mod | Pen Style.


Tank BrandsHorizon Tech | INNOKIN | Geek Vape | Vaporesso | Free Max | VooPoo | SMOK | Aspire | UWELL | Vandy Vape | Other Brands.


Mod BrandsGeek Vape | VooPoo | SMOK | Eleaf | Asmodus | Vsticking | Other Brands.


Pod BrandsVaporesso | Lost Vape | VooPoo | SMOK | OBS | IJOY | UWELL | WISMEC | Geek Vape.


Coil BrandsHorizon Tech | Geek Vape | Vaporesso | INNOKIN | Lost Vape | Free Max | VooPoo | SMOK | Aspire | UWELL | Eleaf | IJOY | Jomo | OBS | Other Brands.


Battery BrandsAWT | IJOY | Vapcell | Samsung.
Battery Capacity2400mAh | 2500mAh | 3000mAh | 3500mAh | 3750mAh.
Battery Type18650 | 20700 | 21700

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