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InnoKin Kits UK

InnoKin was established in 2011 in Shenzhen as a Vaping brand. It is a well-reputed company among all Vaping companies with 10+ years of experience in manufacturing vaping liquids and other related devices. The distribution of InnoKin’s products is in over 80 countries. That is why it is a worldwide vaping brand. They offer a wide range of e-Cigarette devices and juices including Pods, Mods, Kits, E-Liquids, and other Vaping materials. If we explore the variety of Kits they offer, then we get Pod Kits, Starter Kits, and Pen-style Kits under our hands. Kits are refillable e-cigarette devices that come with a battery and a tank for e-liquid. From InnoKin, we also get details about which e-liquid is best suitable for which kit. Along with the providence of a specific kit, they also provide that specific liquid which you have to buy separately. Guardian Vape offers you all these things along with every single detail of every Product.

Knowing InnoKin Kits and Liquid Types

Keeping into consideration the demand of Vape customers, InnoKin offers many different types of Kits and different E-Liquids for that specific kit.

-InnoKin Kit Types

They possess the excellent quality of All in one (AIO), Cheap and Affordable, Cigarette style, Pen-style, Sub Ohm, Compact and Portable Kits. USB chargeable pot is given on the Kits. These kits mostly come with 2ml of e-liquid capacity in the tank which is fixed in that kit.

-InnoKin Liquid Types

Innokin offers a range of e-liquids which you can buy according to your taste and a Kit you possess. They have 50/50 PG(Universal) liquid, High Nicotine strength, High PG (Mouth-to-lung), High VG (Sub-Ohm), and Nicotine Salts.

About Kit Features and User Levels

Just as they have different kits and liquid types, same as they offer different featured kits and user levels to make them more easily accessible to you.

-Kit Features

Different kits shares some mutual as well as different features. These include Adjustable Airflow, High Battery Capacity, Inhale Activated, Top fill, and Variable Wattage. According to the range and type of the Kit, their Kit features and Battery Capacity varies. The most common Wattage is Uo to 60W and Up to 100W.

-User Levels

There are many types of Vaping Kit users. They can be beginners, experienced, or professionals. Keeping in mind the delicacy of this matter, Innokin offers Kits of different user levels. These are Advanced Vaper, Beginner Vaper, First-time switcher, Intermediate Vaper and the last is the Vape God. Details of every single product are given along with.

Why Choose Guardian Vape

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced or Professional, Guardian Vape is a platform that makes you accessible to any vaping device according to your user level and your taste. Anything related to e-cigarettes such as Vaping Kits, Pods, Mods, and E-liquids is here under your access. Guardian Vape has access to different good-rated brands for different e-cigarette devices. You can choose any brand for anything you are looking for by just coming to Guardian Vape.