Our goal is provide you with the best of the best quality e liquids and vape juices. With the vape scene growing drastically, we’re confident we’ll be bringing in a new selection of exclusive new vape oils and eliquids.

ELIQUID brands Eliquid Flavours Deals

ELIQUID brands

We stock a variety of e-liquid brands straight from UK manufactures such as Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady, Ultimate Puff and many more, some being the best on the vape scene.

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Widest Range Of Eliquid Flavours In The UK

The varieties of our e liquids, in flavour, quantity and PG/VG ratio are all ensured to cater to your needs. Guardian vape takes great pride in their work and products, which is why we work hard to ensure we are providing excellence in our vape juices and eliquids also known as vape oils. We have teamed up with the best vape liquid brands to make this possible.


Think of a child in a sweet shop when you think of our confectionary section or think of Willy Wonka’s factory, with every sweet you can think of, crushed up and made into an E liquid here, our most popular one is our Skittles E-Liquid!

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Our selection of deserts will surely make you take a trip down memory lane with our classics, like the times you would be served Apple crumble and custard by the dinner lady in school, our Apple Strudel and Custard E liquid will definitely give you a sense of nostalgia that you can’t find elsewhere.

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A summertime slushie will go down an absolute treat to cool you off whilst your scorching in the sun…This doesn’t happen in Britain but it will definitely feel that way from how exotic these E-Liquid flavours are! Or if this doesn’t float your boat then you can opt for fizzy cola to fizzle your tastebuds like no other.

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Red fruits, blue fruits, whatever colour fruit you need we have. These flavours are nothing short of eccentric, with the flavours inside the bottle matching the bold colours outside the bottle. These E-liquids will be sure to allure your tastebuds into fruit heaven.

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We know that sometimes you can’t settle for one flavour so for all you hybrid lovers with unique combinations, you’ll be sure to find something in our ‘others’ category that will suit your exclusive taste.

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This category is home to the all-time classics, whether you need a crispy mint E-Liquid to soothe your tastebuds or a casual kick of tobacco, here at Guardian Vape we can satisfy your every need.

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Eliquid is a juice made to be vaporised by your vaping device. It is made up from 4 different components, all which as equally as important as each other; VG/ Vegetable glycerine, PG/ Propylene glycol, the flavouring and nicotine. Of course, if you go for a nicotine-free liquid then your liquid will only be made up of 3 components. E liquids are heated up by the power from the battery, which then causes them to vaporise, this is how the smoke output you get, is created. The amount to smoke that is produced is determined by many factors that all go hand in hand and by changing one, you are changing the entire temperament so it’s best to educate yourself fully by reading our guides so that you can formulate a vaping experience that suits you. Such factors include the E-liquid used, the battery, the coil and the device use. The same Eliquid can feel and taste completely different in two different devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best flavour for me?

There is no best flavour to be honest; all of our flavours are as mouth-watering as the other. It comes down to preference and what your tastebuds are enticed by. But we would definitely recommend the cigarette veterans to pick a tobacco flavour to ease transition. For the normal smokers we would recommend either a mint or menthol E liquid to begin with but soon after you are confident, the e liquid world is your oyster.

What’s the best E-Liquid type for me?

This will depend on what type of vaping you are indulging in, mouth to lung (MTL) vaping requires a different liquid than direct to lung (DTL) vaping. Mouth to lung liquids are around 60% VG / 40% PG and direct to lung liquids are around 80% VG / 20% PG liquid.
But a convenient middle ground for those versatile vapers who rotate between the two is a 50/50 Liquid. This means that the make up of the liquid is 50% VG and 50% PG.

What’s the difference between MTL and DTL?

The difference between the two Is that mouth to lung liquids are thinner as their purpose is not to produce a mass amount of clouds, direct to lung liquids are the opposite as their purpose is to produce colossal clouds so the E-liquid is thicker. But those thinner liquids tend be stronger, flavour-wise than the thicker liquids.

What is a nicotine salt?

A nicotine salt is a whole other kind of E liquid, it may sound salty but it’s not! They are stronger in Nicotine delivery and are aimed at those who feel like the nicotine from a normal Eliquid does not provide a long satisfaction level as they need. A Nic Salt will help as it will satisfy cravings for longer.

How much nicotine do I need?

This is dependant on two factors; one is the number of cigarettes you are used to smoking and two, the style of smoking. As nicotine delivery is stronger from a direct to lung device than it is from a mouth to lung one due to the excessive clouds produced. We recommend reading our E Liquid guide to fully understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

What’s the best Eliquid brand?

Aside from the difference in nicotine strengths, make up and flavours, you will find that different brands produce different notes of smoke so for example two brands may have the same flavour but one may be smoother than the other or may be softer in flavour so its trial and error. Here at Guardian Vape our best sellers include the ‘More seen‘ range, the ‘Vape bubble’ range, ‘Tngo’ and of course our very own brand. As for flavours, we find that Heisenberg and skittles are our best sellers no matter what the brand is.