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Get To Know About Vandy Vape Tanks

Vandy was founded by Stefan Z. In 2016. It comes among the best e-cigarette brands from Shenzhen, China. The company provides the vapers with their top-notch Rebuildable(RDA and RTA vaping products. Their Mods, Kits, Pods, and Tanks are modernly designed and featured according to the requirements of today’s vaper. They are specialized in producing and selling amazing e-cigarette products worldwide. Standing among the world’s most popular e-cig brands, they are obeying their duty of high-end product generation in the field of vaping. That’s the most important thing about them that makes them demanding by worldwide vapers. Let’s have a look at Vandy vape tanks.

All The Provided Forms Of Vandy Vape Tanks

Many different forms of tanks come to mind when one thinks of a vape tank. Everybody prefers a different type of tank depending on the device they possess and their choice of vaping. Vandy, in the field of Vape tanks, offers:

Direct to Lung(DTL) Tank: Vaping tanks with a wider mouthpiece help the vape pass directly to the lungs. The outcome of this kind of vaping is always a huge smoke of clouds.

Rebuildable Dripper(RDA): These tanks allow the users to build their coil for the tank according to their preferences. If you are a rich cloud chaser with a strong flavor lover, then RDA is surely for you. 

Rebuildable Tank(RTA): It is a Rebuildable atomizer along with a tank containing the juice in it. These types of tanks have not to need to drip the wick as it is done manually. 

Insertion Of Unique Features

All these sorts of tanks come along with unique features that make them the most demanding and best sell vape brand throughout the world. If you head towards Vandy vape tanks, you get the following features:

Adjustable Airflow: These tanks are designed for mood swinger vapers. The number of clouds can be adjusted by simply adjusting the flow of air in the rank.

Mesh Coil: These coils use mesh texture to heat the device. They can stand much higher wattage. 

Squonk Bottom Feeding: As these tanks come with an RTA feature, so they require a squonk from the bottom to push the liquid into the tank.

Top Fill: Top fill makes the process of refilling much easier than in older days. 

Diameter: The diameter for Vandy vape ranks include 22mm, 24mm, and 25mm.

E-Liquid Ranges For Vandy Tanks

Various vape tanks with different features allow a versatile range of e-liquids. That can be 50VG/50PG(Universal), High VG(60%+ VG), and High PG(60%+ PG) liquids. The liquid type depends on the nature of the tank. 

User Level for Vandy Vape Tanks

Vandy vape tanks are suitable for advanced vapers. This is because of the insertion of RTA and RDA features in the tanks. These features are only compatible with advanced vapers.

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