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Vape Tanks Presented By SMOK

SMOK was founded in 2010 as an e-cigarette company in China. It has quickly risen to the top of the vaping industry. Its name comes from the world’s top vaping brands delivering their products all over the world. They have brought superb vape kits, mods, pods, and tanks. All are unique in their features and design. Their exceptional quality devices fulfil the preferences of all the vaper user levels. Their range of vapes and price makes them demanding in the vaping industry. There can nothing be more excellent than getting a reliable product in suck an affordable price range.

Let’s Have An Eye On SMOK Vape Tank Ranges

We get a world of Ranges when it comes to the SMOK vaping brand. All these types suit different types of vapers depending on their taste of vape. When we look for their ranks, we get the following ranges of tanks:

Direct to Lung(DTL): Direct to lung tanks provide more pleasure to the advanced vapers who love intense clouds with heavy flavor. These tanks come with a huge mouthpiece, enough to let the vaping travel directly to the lungs.

Mouth to Lung(MTL): These tanks have comparatively small mouthpieces allowing a very small amount of vape to pass through them. 

Sub Ohm: Best tank for vapers’ mood swings. As these tanks allow heat control of the coil with a low resistance to produce more vapors.

Quality Ranges Of SMOK Tanks

Their tank’s quality varies according to the features of the tank. The very unique features of SMOK ranks are:

Adjustable Airflow: It provides the adjustability of the air in the tank which results in the control of coil heat. The lesser the liquid heats up, the lesser the clouds will form, and so on. 

Top Fill: The feature is compatible as it offers an easy refill of the liquid without separating the tank from the kit.

Mesh Coil: This coil is much better than the standard coil as it provides more space for e-liquid and also helps in the generation of more clouds.

Diameter: These tanks come in 22mm and 28mm diameters.

Different E-Liquid Ranges

SMOK has a diversity of e-liquids. Their 50VG/50PG(Universal), High PG(60%+ PG), High VG(60%+ VG), and High Nicotine Strength add more pleasure to the quest of vaping.

Diversity Of Users

The best thing that makes SMOK much more demanding by the vapers all over the world is its diversity of users. They have vaped for Beginner Vapers, Advanced Vapers, and also Intermediate Vapers. This range of users adds more value to their company.

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