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Explore Other Brands For Vape Tanks

Where Guardian vape presents a lot of the world’s top-notched brands like Vaporesso, Uwell, Smoke, Horizontech, Voopoo, FreeMax, Geek, Innokin, Aspire, and Vandy, we also present you many other vape brands including Vapeston, WOTOFO, Teslacigs, OFRF, Steam Crave, EhPro, and Enrich. All these brands are famous and stand among the world’s top vape brands with their high-end quality products and the uniqueness of their e-cigarette devices. You get a vast range of E-Cigarette products including Pods, Mods, Kits, Coils, accessories, liquids, and Vape Tanks. 

All Vape Tanks From Different Brands

These brands present vape tanks of different types. You can get your hands on Direct Lung(DTL) Tanks, Disposable Tanks, Rebuildable Dripper (RDA), and Sub Ohm Tanks. All are unique in their functionality and results. 

Unique Features Inserted In These Tanks

All these tanks are featuring in the uniqueness of products. The most common of them all is Adjustable Airflow: This feature allows the vaper to adjust the flow of air inside the tank. It is done to control the heat rate of the coil which ultimately results in the production of more or fewer clouds(depending on the controlled flow of air and heat of the coil). 

Mesh Coil: These coils are mesh-imposed and are way better than the standard coil. Also, they possess more wattage as compared to the standard coil imposed in the tank. Mesh coil provides more room for e-liquid.

Top Fill: This feature is most demanding throughout the vape market. Nobody wants to trouble himself by separating the tank from the kit and then refilling it. Now the feature of Top fill has groomed the e-cigarette devices a lot. 

Diameter: The diameter range of these tanks is available from 23mm to 25mm. 

Offered Liquid Types

Liquids including 50VG/50PG(Universal), High VG(60%+VG), High PG(60%+ PG), and High Nicotine Strength are offered in the tanks from different brands. 

Given Tank Accessories

When you place an order for a vape on any of these brands, you get some spare accessories along with the tank. Suck as an accessory bag having extra O-rings, Spare Coil, Spare Glass, and other Spare Parts. 

For All User Levels

Many of these brands provide vape products for almost all user levels existing under the eligible age. They have vaped for Advanced Vaper, Beginner Vaper, First Time Switcher, and also Intermediate Vaper. Now every user who is officially allowed for vaping can cherish the aroma and pleasure of cape by quenching his thirst with our top-notched vape brands. 

Guardian Vape- All In One

Guardian Vape serves as an All In One platform having access to the world’s top-notched vaping brands. Now you don’t need to search for the vape brands one by one. Just a click and every reliable brand from the world will be under your hands. Hurry up and order the Vape of your choice through our store. We have been standing the reputation of the best vape selling store throughout the UK.