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Access The Best Horizon Tech Vape Tanks

Horizon Tech has been serving for ages. With the experience of many years, they always set UK vaping stores on fire with every new launch of their e-cigarette product. They offer Electronic cigarettes, Mini e-cigarettes, e- cigar, e- pipes, and many other e-cigarette-related devices. Their name in the vaping industry is their identity. With their trained R&D team and production team, they always prove to be a successful company in achieving a good reputation in the vape market. let’s explore their vape tanks closely:

Vape Tank Ranges

They possess a variety of vape tanks for various vape kits. All of these tanks are fit able in the mentioned vape kit by Horizon Tech. Their Direct to Lung(DTL) and Sub Ohm tanks are the most famous of all.

Direct To Lung(DTL) Tanks: Horizon Tech maintains its name as a good vape brand. They are Direct to Lung( DTL) vape tanks are modified for advanced vapers and vape gods. These tanks allow the production of huge clouds.

Sub Ohm: Sub-ohmic tanks are also very portable tanks for many user levels. Their sub-ohmic property makes them demanding to different vapers. 

Knowing The Introduced Features

Unique features make a thing more attractive. Horizon Tech has been looking forward to introducing unique features in their products to provide the vapers with ease. Their Adjustable Airflow, Mesh Coil, and Top Fill featured tanks stand high in the vape market. 

All these features make them adjustable which suits all vape user levels. 

Adjustable Airflow: This feature helps in controlling the provided heat on the coil. It is done by adjusting the air in the tank.

Mesh Coil: Coils with mesh texture are inserted in unique vape tanks. 

Top Fill: The filling of the tank has been made easier without detaching the tank from the vape kit. Horizon Tech Falcon King Tank and Horizon Tech Falcon II Tank shares all these unique features. 

Diameter: Horizon Tech Vape Tanks possess diameters of 24mm and 25mm. 

Offered Juices For Tanks

The variation of liquids is offered for different varieties of Tanks. Most common of all are 50VG/50PG(Universal) for both tanks, High PG(60%+ PG), and High VG(60%+ VG). 

User Types for Horizon Tech Vape Tanks

These tanks are suitable for Beginner Vaper as well as for Intermediate Vaper. The liquid types, features, and tank types are manufactured to keep the quest of Beginner Vaper in consideration. 

Accessories Provided With Tanks

Horizon Tech provides extra O-rings, Spare Coil, Spare Glass, and other Spare parts. These are given for safety purposes. Everybody can replace them easily. 

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