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Avail The Best Geek Vape UK Tanks

Geek vape comes among the top-rated e-cigarette production brands. It is located in China and was founded in 2015. With the providence of its services throughout the world, it has been standing awesome in the vape market. Along with the manufacture of e-cigarettes, their offered accessories, Tanks, Mods, Kits, Pods, etc are introduced with unique features. If you are looking for vape tanks, you must check their vape tanks which are unique in their functionality. These tanks are made suitable for any liquid type that offers the diversity of vaping to the vapers.

Let’s Explore Geek Vape UK Tank Types

Geek Vape offers Direct to Lung(DTL), Mouth to Lung(MTL), Rebuildable Tank(RTA), and Sub Ohm Tanks. All these Tanks vary in their form and features. Let’s have a look at their uniqueness in detail:

Direct to Lung(DTL): These types of Tanks function in a way of allowing a huge amount of vapors to travel directly to the lungs. A bigger mouthpiece is attached to such tanks. 

Mouth to Lung(MTL): Mouth to Lung tanks have comparatively small mouthpieces for the passage of fewer vapors to the mouth. There is no direct contact of vapors to the lungs and it is mostly suitable for beginners and small cloud lovers. 

Rebuildable Tank(RTA): These sort of tank atomizers allow the vaper to build the coil of his interest with his preferred resistance. 

Sub Ohm: Such tanks allow more heat transfer to the coil that produces thick clouds as a result. 

Geek Vape UK Tanks With Unique Features

Features are the very first thing a vaper look for while buying a vape. A unique featured vape always attracts more than a mundane functioned vape. Geek Vape considers the installation of all the unique features in their products as their core responsibility. That makes them unique. The very important features installed in their tanks are:

Adjustable Airflow: This function allows the adjustability of the produced vapor. Geek Vape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank and Geek Vape Zeus X RTA Tanks have this feature. 

Top Fill: Tanks that are easily refilled from the top are known as top-filled tanks. Both above-mentioned tanks also possess this feature. 

Mesh Coil: These coils offer a longer lifespan of the coil along with maximum flavor retention. These coils also provide enough room for e-liquid. 

Different Liquid Types For Geek Vape UK Tanks

All the liquid ranges from 50VG/50PG(Universal), High Nicotine Strength, High VG(60%+ VG), High PG(60%+ PG), to Nicotine Salts are suitable for Geek Vape UK Tanks. The diameters of these tanks vary from 20mm to 26mm.

Suitability For Different User Levels

Geek Vape UK tanks are suitable for Beginner Vapers, First time Switcher, and also Intermediate Vaper. There’s no boundary of user level in the case of Geek Vape UK Tanks.

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