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Know About FreeMax Vape Tanks

FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation as a Vape company in China. Since 2013, their journey is production something new and unique which makes them stand high in the vape market every year. Their e-cigarette products are reliable and easy to use. Along with all other e-cigarette devices, their vape tanks gave modified features which allow the users of different levels. Their Tank journey started in 2014 and with the modification of their tanks every year, they stand out as the best Mesh coil tank vaping company in the market of vapes. Words are not enough to define the uniqueness of their products.

Collection of FreeMax Tanks

Being a top-notched brand, FreeMax has always looked forward to presenting as much diversity of products as possible. The intense cloud production through their vape tanks makes them more attractive and demanding in the same place. They offer:

Direct to Lungs(DTL): Direct Lung Tanks work best for cloud lovers. As these sorts of tanks come with a wider mouthpiece, the direct flow of vape into the lung is made possible. This is especially for trained and advanced vapers.

Sub Ohm: These tanks also help in producing intense clouds that add more to your pleasure. If we say that these sorts of tanks are manufactured especially for cloud lovers then it will not be wrong. The function of an adjustable vape range makes it possible. 

Uniqueness Of FreeMax Vape Tanks

Many new features introduced into a product make it unique than many. Different features can be found in FreeMax Vape tanks. We get the features of:

Adjustable Airflow: This feature is introduced in a tank to control the flow of air which lessens and increases the vaporization. This feature is suitable for DTL tanks that allow more cloud production.

Mesh Coil: Meat coils help in the production of more vapors with high flavor. It also provides enough room for e-liquid by covering a small area.

Top Fill: This feature is compatible with all as it offers the juice refill into the tank without taking it off the kit. 

Diameters: These ranks come with a diameter of 25mm and 28mm.

Plenty Of Liquid Ranges

Depending on the types of tanks, different liquid ranges are offered for them. The very common liquid ranges that are liked by most the vapers are 50VG/50PG(Universal), High Nicotine Strength, High PG(60%+ PG), and High VG(60%+ VG), and Nicotine Salts.

Diversity Of User Levels

The best thing about these tanks is that they are suitable for a wide range of vape users. These tanks are useable for Advanced Vapers, Beginner Vapers, First Time switchers, and also Intermediate Vapers.

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