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All About SMOK Pods

SMOK is also known as SMOKTECH which was established in 2010 in China. It is known for its high standard products which is the reason for its worldwide demand. It has made e-cigarette devices easy to utilize, carry, and quench one’s thirst for vapes. They offer a range of portable Pod kits with easy use. RPM Mesh, DC, MTL, and many other different varieties of coils are inserted in various Pods. Their pods are specially styled to be suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping. They are designed to create massive clouds with all rich flavors to satisfy your quest. Guardian Vape has details of all.

Types of SMOK Pods:

SMOK provides all Adjustable Airflow, Coil included, no Coil included and Refillable Pods. They have a vast range of Pods varying from type to type. The most viewed ones are Smok Scar P3/P5 RPM, Smok Nord Replacement Pods, Smok RPM 80 RPM Pods, Smoke RPM 160 Empty Pods, Smok Fetch Pro RPM Pod, Smok Novo Pod with regular as well as Mesh coil, Smok Mag Pods, Smok Rolo Badge Pod, and Smok Alike Empty RPM Pods. Their sizes, capacities, ranges, and functions vary according to their features and design. Most of the capacity range is from 2ml to 5ml. By providing a variety of all categories of Pods, they have made your selection easier.

Guardian Vape- An Approach To Universality

Guardian Vape has found a suitable solution to your trouble. Why worry about buying a reliable Vape product with affordable and different price ranges? Guardian Vape has the approach to many Vaping brands, all offering different electronic Cigarette devices varying in prices and features. Whether you want a transparent pod with a coil or a colored pod without a coil, or any other e-cigarette device, all are just one click away. Trust Guardian Vape, place an order, and quench your thirst with a promised product.