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Want to Know About Vsticking Mods?

Vsticking was established in Dongguan, China as an integration enterprise company specializing in e-cigarettes and all about them. They have been serving the Vapers with extraordinary vapes possessing unique designs, features, and types. Vsticking is for those who are fed up with making manual Shisha and consuming cigarettes that are not so good for their health. Their Vape Mods are designed to quench your thirst in a pleasant and less harmful way. Vsticking Mods come with a unique article printing body that adds up to your pleasure while vaping.

Exploring Different Forms of Vsticking Mods

Vsticking Mods are designed in a Box like shape with unique functionality performed by dual batteries. The variety of Vsticking Mods varies from Box Mod to Dual Battery Mods. 18650 batteries are used in most of the Vsticking Mods.

Extraordinary Features Introduced in Vsticking Mods

To keep the Vapers intact and make the vaping environment cheerful for them, Vsticking is doing its best to introduce new features in their Mods. Some of the very sharp features we come across in Vsticking Mods are:

Temperature Control: Variation in different temperature levels according to the level of clouds and flavour.

Touch Screen: This feature enhances the demand for the Mod. The touch screen provides more functions and easy use to the vaper.

Variable Wattage: Wattage ranging up to +200W is adjustable in Vsticking Mods. Vsticking VK530 Box Mod works best with this feature.

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