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Know All About Voopoo Mods

Amazing manufacturer of the year 2014, China. Voopoo established its reputation in the vape market by offering plenty of vape devices to vape lovers from all over the world. Voopoo has been introducing many new and unique vapes- keeping in the list, the demand, pleasure, and quest of Vape lovers. As Mods are more heavier and modified forms of vaping, Voopoo presents its Mods with excellent features including battery timing, battery form, liquid form, smoke clouds, the material of the Mod and so many other things. Voopoo is just as simple as an open book. You have a range of every vape from lower to the modified vapes.

Different Mods- Different Feelings

Mods of many types are available in the market. Everybody looks for different types of Mods according to their choice. Voopoo had made it easier for its trustees. For over 8 years, Voopoo is offering Box Mods and also Double Battery Mods.

Box Mods

Voopoo Box Mods come in the shape of a box having a plug on the top of it where the tank is connected. In this range, Voopoo is offering Voopoo Drag Resin TC Box Mod.

Double Battery Mods

These types of Voopoo Mods require two 18650 batteries to function properly. These batteries can be of the same type or another. It depends on the nature of the Mod and the brand it belongs to. Same Mod “Voopoo Drag Resin TC Box Mod best functions with two 18650 type of batteries.

Excellent Functions Inserted In Voopoo Mods

The functionality of everything matters a lot while shopping. A good and unique featured object attracts more and a buyer will go for an object possessing so many features. Functions such as Temperature Control and Variable Wattage are introduced in Voopoo Mods.

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature control Mods come with the feature of adjusting the temperature of the mod as per your will. It affects the hardness of e-liquid, smoke production, and the power range of the battery. Different temperature ranges are allowed for different Mod types.

Variable Wattage

These Mods are best as they offer you to adjust the power manually. It comes in Watts. Usually, a side button or touch system is given on Mods depending on the type and brand of Vape Mods. Voopoo tried its best to introduce all these unique features in the Mods so that the user may not find any trouble using Voopoo Mod. Voopoo Drag Resin TC Box Mod comes with up to 160W of adjustable Power.

Guardian Vape- Always The Best Choice

Finding all these features all in one can be hectic for you. A Mod consisting of one feature of your desire and not the other can disappoint you and you may not meet your expectations. Well, in this case, Guardian Vape helps you get your hands on “All-in-One” featured Vape mods from different brands. Voopoo is one of them and is unique in its products. That makes all the difference in the market full of vape shops.