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Smok Mods- A Place For The Best Vape Mods

Smok vape company, rooted in China nearly 2010. This company is also known as SMOKTECH, it is well established and well-demanded vape company all over the world. Smok has been presenting e-cigarette products to its best. Vape kits, Pods, E-liquids, Mods, and other vape accessories, all are available on Smok. Their Mods are modified for beginners, Professionals, and experienced Vape users. Specialty for those who want to quit manual smoking that is dangerous to health. Moving to e-cigarettes reduced the ratio of damage to human health. Smok is making sure of it throughout its services.

Different Smok Mods for Different Users

As vape Mods vary in their types, Smok Vape presents many kinds of Mods for different user levels and different user types. The very common type of Mod offered by Smok included Box Mod.

Box Mod Type of Vape Mods

It comes with a box-like body in which you have to insert your e-liquid Pod on the vaporizer. The process then can start by pressing the button which heats ups the coil to produce vapors of e-liquid. Smok presents its Smok R80-TC Box Mod as the best of all. The body is made up of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. 

Exploring Features of Smok Mods

Unique Features make a thing more reliable and long-lasting. Smok as it offers unique features in other vape brands, same as it offers a range of amazing features in Smok Mods. They offer Vape Mods with functions of Variable Wattage and Temperature Control. 

Temperature Control Smok Mods

These Mods offer you a manual temperature control system. You are free to set the range of temperature from lower to higher according to its need. High Temperature increases the production of Smok clouds with hard flavor as it allows the coil to heat- up more. 

Smok R80 TC Box Mod contains this feature. 

Variable Wattage in Smok Mods

Smok Mods are power-adjustable Mods. This feature functions differently for different Mods. It Allows up to 100W of adjustable wattage for you in the case of Smok R80 TC type of Box Mod. It is different for different mod types.

OLED Display

With the help of OLED Display, everything including Output Voltage, Atomizer resistance, remaining battery life, etc is visible to you. 

Internal Battery:

Unique Smok Mods come with a 4000mAh of the internal battery. It is monitored on the display of the Mod. 

User Types

Smok Mods functioned to be suitable for Advanced Vapers and Intermediate Vapers. Vaping is made easier for them with the providence of different vape Mods for different user levels.

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