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What To Look For In Eleaf Vape brand?

Eleaf. Founded in 2011 as a vape company in China. It has made its reputation in the market as soon as established. Eleaf vape brand has grown its business in different countries of the world. Many shops situated in different countries work ad a bridge between the brand and the customer. They help you get your hands on brands from other countries easily. Eleaf has introduced many e-cigarette devices including Kits, Pods, Mods, E-liquids, and other accessories for Vaping cigarettes. If you are looking for Mods, then trust us, you are on the right platform. Eleaf presents a variety of Vape Mods with different features for beginners, and experienced and professional vape users.

Ranges In Eleaf Mods

As mentioned earlier, Eleaf is providing many ranges in Vape Mods. All these types vary in shape, size, design, features, and many other relatable things. The very demanded type of Eleaf Mods is Box Mods.

Box Mod Eleaf

Eleaf Mods come in the type of Box Mods. Their box-like appearance makes them attractive to the users. A position is given at the top of the Mod where you attach your e-liquid-filled Pod or a Tank. The types of Pods and Tanks vary further. Eleaf introduces Eleaf Mini Istick Box Mod, Eleaf Istick Power Box Mod, Eleaf Istick TC 40W Box Mod, Eleaf Istick 20W Box Mod, and Elead Istick 30W Box Mod. All possess different colors and body materials.

Unique Features For Unique Vapers

Likewise, the types of mods and their features also vary from one to the other. Temperature Control and Variable Wattage are the most common of all. Because these features enhance the use of the mod as it offers a manual adjustment for the user. These mods can be adjusted differently for different user levels.

Temperature Control Feature

Vaping on just only one automatic Temperature level can be exhausted and flavorless for the user. Eleaf Mods eliminates this boundary of use. Eleaf offers adjustable Temperature in its Mods. The best temperature adjustable Eleaf mods are Eleaf Istick Power Box Mod, Eleaf Istick TC 40W, and Eleaf Istick 20W Box Mod.

Variable Wattage In Eleaf Mods

Controlling the power of the mod changes the use of the mod. Sometimes a user wants the flavor to be harder and sometimes to be minimal. All these things are made adjustable by Eleaf. It allows the adjustable wattage up to 60W and in some devices, it is up to 100W.

Different Batteries

Different batteries are inserted in different mods. 1050mAh, 2200mAh, 2600mAh, and 5000mAh batteries are used to function the Eleaf Vape Mods.

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