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Get Your Hands On AsMODus Mods

AsMODus is a Los Angeles, California-based vapor company established in 2014 in America. AsMODus has been winning the market since the day of its establishment. It is due to the representation of unique e-cigarette products which always remain in demand by Vape lovers. AsMODus is a worldwide vaping brand that is demanded in many countries. AsMODus Mods are highly recommended due to the reliability and amazing functionality of the product. Their Mods are manufactured by professionals after they are designed by the top vape designers. Guardian Vape Uk is making sure the sale of AsMODus’s products all over the world.

Explore The Types Of AsMODus Mods

AsMODus offers Box Mod and Double Battery Mods.

Box Mod AsMODus

These sort of Mods comes with a box-like shape having an area on the top for e-liquid Pod. Out of all the Mods offered by AsMODus, AsMODus Lustro 200W Box Mod Screen TC Mod is a mod of this kind.

Double Battery Mods by AsMODus

These Mods require two batteries to work. These batteries can be different or the same, depending on the type of the mod. 18650 battery mods are common here.

Looking For Unique Featured Vape Mods?

Well, if you are looking for unique featured vape mods, you are on the best platform. AsMODus has been winning the race with its unique featured products. Along with the amazing features of Temperature Control and Variable Wattage, AsMODus also presents the feature of Touch Screen in its Mods.

Temperature Control

AsMODus Lustro offers you the feature to adjust the temperature of the mod by your use. It helps to enhance or decrease the vaping abilities of your mod. Generally, the temperature control ratio varies from 100degree to 300degree, Specially in the case of AsMODus Lustro 200W Box Mod.

Variable Wattage

The adjustable power mode is inserted in AsMODus unique Mods. There’s no need to be exhausted about the automatic wattage of your mod. As MODus offers variability in wattage from up to +200W.

Touch Screen

Another amazing feature that enhances the look and demand of the Mod. With this feature, you can use your mod and make adjustments by the touch system. It also gives you a luxury feel when running the mod with a touch system. The LED system inserted in it also functions to change the LED color. Various Mod Colors are available at AsMODus.

Trust The Guardian Vape

Guardian Vape always tries its best to accommodate the vape users with the best we can. And as per our amendments, we are offering many reliable vaping brands from different countries of the world. Our services are to help you get your hand on the vape of your desire. You just need to trust us as we are winning the trust of our customers since 2014, the day of our establishment. We have a range of satisfied customers who rely on us in quenching their thirst with the vape of their kind.