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Compact Vape Kits



All About Lost Vape

Lost vape company was manufactured in 2014 by Frank Guo. It is a Chinese Vaping company with reliable and extraordinary manufactured vaping devices. It has made a good reputation as a vaping company worldwide. Lost Vape is among the highly demanded vaping brands due to its friendly and pleasure-providing products. Lost Vape introduced e-Cigarettes for the core purpose of creating a smoke-free world. It is a better way of satisfying one’s quest without doing any harm to himself and the earth. They have a wide range of e-Cigarette devices out of which vaping Kits are convenient for all. Vaping Kits are chargeable devices that come with a refillable pod. Lost Vape offers a variety of different and outstanding colors in their Vaping Kits. That is also a way of enhancing one’s pleasure while vaping.

Lost Vape Ranges


Lost Vape Kits are made of zinc-alloy material which provides a long-lasting and stainless life to a Kit. It is durable and useable for the long term. Mostly Lost Vape Kits come with a 1ml, 2ml, or even 3ml capacity for e-liquids.


If we talk about their battery ranges then we get 18650 batteries, 20700 batteries, 21700 batteries, and built-in batteries. Lost Vape offers so many colors of Vaping kits which gives diversity to one’s choice.

-Liquid Types

Depending on the type of kit, liquid types vary. Lost Vape offers liquid types including 50VG/50PG(Universal) liquid, High Nicotine Strength liquid for nicotine lovers, High PG liquid which eases Mouth-to-Lung vaping, Nicotine Salts, and Refillable Pods.

Lost Vape Kit Types, Features, and User Levels

-Kit Types

Lost Vape presents diversity in its vaping Kits. Their Kits are All in One(AIO), Compact and Portable, Box Mod, Pod Style, and Sub Ohm. All these types require different types of Liquids in them. Suitable liquids for suitable kits are available on Guardian Vape.

-Features of Lost Vape Kits

Not only does Lost Vape attained a good reputation by presenting excellent designs and structure of e-cigarettes, but they have introduced many extraordinary features in their vaping kits. Lost Vape provides features like Adjustable Airflow, High Battery Capacity, Inhale Activated, Temperature Control, Top fill, and Variable Wattage in their vaping kits.

-User Levels

Lost Vape has Vaping kits for Beginner Vaper, First time Switcher, and Intermediate Vaper. Different vaping kits are designed differently to make them suitable for different user levels. This is because a beginner can have trouble vaping a kit that is too strong for him. It may also harm his health. To avoid all such matters, Lost Vape has made it convenient for all the user levels.

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Guardian Vape is performing its services since 2013. We have a record of our successful and satisfactory sale purchase. Comforting our trustees is our top priority and Guardian Vape has never stepped back from it. We have collaborations with the world’s top-notched vaping brands. Guardian vape has made everything accessible for you in just a little effort or if we say no effort at all then it will not be wrong. Just trust us and shop freely.