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Satisfy Your Quest With iJoy

iJoy is manufactured by Wang Xizhi as a vaping company in China. It aims to develop a smoke-free world by manufacturing high-quality and less harmful electronic cigarettes. iJoy has got a lot of market value with a vast public attention. This is all due to their reliable products that are in demand all around the world. They are performing their services in the production of many e-cigarette devices. Their hot sell products include Vape Pods, Mods, E-liquids, and Vaping Kits. Their Vaping Kits come with a warranty card. Guardian Vape has details about all these products.

iJoy Kits And Liquid Types

So many Kits with so many Liquid types provide you with the comfort of pleasure. iJoy has been winning the heart of vape lovers since its day of establishment. They offer several types of kits and liquids.

Types Of Kits offered By iJoy

A variety of anything makes you choose more efficiently. iJoy is offering many types of Kits for too long. They have an All in One(AIO) Kit which is a jumbo deal for you all. They also offer Compact and Portable Kits, Disposable Kits for your extra ease, Pen Style kits which are handier, and Sub Ohm Kits as well.

Liquid Types

iJoy has introduced different liquids for different types of kits. Including 50PG/50VG(Universal), High VG(Sub Ohm), and Nicotine Salts.

Kit Features and User levels

iJoy’s vaping Kits possess unique Kit features They also vary according to their user level.

Unique Functionality of Kits

iJoy Kits come with unique features of Adjustable Airflow, High Battery Capacity, Inhale Activated, Temperature Control, Top fill, and Variable Wattage. All these features enhance the functioning of vaping kit.

User Levels

iJoy offers kits for all types of users. From Advanced Vaper, Beginner Vaper, First time Switcher, Intermediate Vaper to Vape God. It depends on the features and liquids of various kits.

Guardian Vape- A Solution To Your Vape Craving

Guardian Vape consists of a large variety of e-cigarettes. And the important thing is these are not local brands. In fact, Guardian Vape has accessed most top-rated brands to provide you with the best services is surely a solution to your vape cravings.