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Geekvape- A Well known Vaping Brand

Geekvape was introduced as an electronic cigarette company in Shenzhen, China in 2015. It gained public interest and high market value as soon as its first product was introduced to vape lovers. The main motive of Geekvape company is to make a smoke-free and healthy envoy by providing vape lovers with a healthier alternative. Geekvape assures the full reliability of its products. They have trained manufacturers and professional designers to design e-cigarette products for you. Geekvape is providing its services worldwide. Let’s explore Geekvape vaping Kits. Different types of kits are provided with different features to quench the thirst of vape lovers. While making vaping Kits, many aspects are kept into consideration including the reliability, easy access, extraordinary features, and proper functioning of the product. Guardia Vape has made your easy access to all the top-notched vaping brands.

Geekvape Kits and Liquid Types

Different kits for different liquids are manufactured by Geekvape.

-Geekvape Kits Types

Geekvape’s vaping Kits come in types including All in One (AIO), Box Mod, Compact and Portable, Pen Style, Sub Ohm, and also Disposable vaping Kits. Disposable vaping Kits are introduced by Geekvape to bring convenience to its user’s life. These kits are for one-time use and then you dispose of them. They are travel friendly.

Geekvape Liquid Types

Depending on the specific type of the Kit, Geekvape offers different liquids of different ingredients. These are 50VG/50PG (Universal), High Nicotine Strength, High PG (Mouth-to-Lung), High VG (Sub Ohm), Nicotine Salts, and Refillable Pods. All these liquids are suitable for different kits depending on the pods they possess. Refillable pods are even more convenient to add a flavor of your choice.

Kit Features and User Levels

Different types of kits are introduced with different features. Same as different kits are made differently for different levels of user consumption.

-Kit Features

Geekvape presents different featured kits, most of them are Adjustable Airflow, High Battery Capacity, Inhale Activated, Temperature Control, Top fill, and Variable Wattage. Most of them possess 18650 batteries and also built-in batteries. Kits wattage are Up to 60W, Up to 100W, and also Up to 200W.

-Kit Users Levels

Geekvape offers kits for all users. Different kits are made for different users by inserting different features accordingly. They have kits for Advanced Vaper, Beginner Vaper, First-time switcher, and Intermediate Vaper. Now any user of any level can cherish the pleasure of vaping by getting a vaping kit of his level.

Guardian Vape- Access To The World

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