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Satisfy Your Taste buds With Vape 1/23 E-liquid

Try the Vape 1/23 if you want to have a terrific and excellent vape with an exciting and thrilling new flavor in your taste buds. 1/23 Vape Shop, is one-stop online vaping brand that aim to provide the most enjoyable e-liquid, vape kits, replacement coils, and lots more. Whether you're new to vaping or a seasoned pro, vape 1/23 e-liquids will fulfil the needs of everyone. It has a large selection of excellent e-liquids to enable you to enjoy a customized vaping experience. Its e-drinks provide top-notch fruity flavor concentration. Guardian Vape provides you with shipping and same-day delivery is available. The e-liquids come with a 100ml bottle capacity which can contain 80ml of e-liquid and a 70VG/30PG ratio. This VG/PG ratio makes them perfect for sub ohms.

Vape 1/23 E-liquids Range and Flavors

Vape 1/23’s e-liquids are developed, produced, and manufactured in-house in the United Kingdom to provide the best possible vaping experience. Their flavors are created with high-purity propylene glycol, naturally derived vegetable glycerin and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, and they come in a wide range of bold and stunning flavors. Vape 1/23’ e-liquid flavors are some of the most unique fruit combinations around. Vape 1/23 E-liquids 80ml short fill comes in a variety of 5 classic flavors, including:

-Black Ice

A combination of Aniseed and menthol.


This popular flavor is Vape 1/23 model.


This well-known flavor has been enhanced by the addition of grape.


A mouthwatering blend of mixed berries with a light citrus note! This perfectly balanced candy, fruity, and juicy vape could be a tantalizing treat for your taste buds.

-Red A

Think of Fred and you'll have a sense of what this popular vape is all about.

Buy The Best E-Liquids Online UK

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