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Top-Notch Lit 24 Seven E-liquids UK

Lit 24 Seven gives the most vape-vicious of flavors, including luscious fruit fusions, a dessert confection, thrilling bursts of delectable drinks, and a hint of mint with the menthol desire. The remarkable flavor selection is manufactured in Malaysia and concentrated in the United Kingdom. This brand focuses on excellent flavors while maintaining a balanced taste. What you had was correct, but what Guardian Vape have is superior. Allow your taste buds to be pampered with Guardian Vape. Lit 24 Seven 100mls' 70/30 blend creates the ideal blend of cloud production and flavor, resulting in e-liquids that are not only smooth but also flavorful! We recommend using it with a sub-ohm vape kit or tank for the best results.

Lit 24 Seven Range And Flavors

Lit 24 Seven is a collection of eight delectable e-beverages that cover every flavor profile, guaranteeing that every taste bud is satisfied. Every flavor's associations allow for a deep-rooted sense of high-priced pleasure. Every undertone is coated with harmonious tones of flavor, and each flavor is a concoction of well-known flavors – the combinations provide a more enjoyable vaping experience. Blue slush& bubblegum, guava clean apples, strawberry watermelon & kiwi, berry lemonade spark, mango incredible, double menthol icy, fortune cookie butter, and greenish berries are just a few of the flavors that will entice and entangle your taste senses. A tart bitter berry flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time and a sweet buttery flavor, spicy but crisp sweet flavor strikes your taste receptors. The fresh menthol flavor calms your throat with an ice impact. The distinct flavor of watermelon is combined with strawberry and kiwi to create a juicy and well-balanced sweet and sour flavor. Strawberry and apple will give you a fresh fruity flavor.

Why Guardian Vape?

The Guardian offers a wide range of high-quality vaping and e-liquid products. On all of our e liquids, we provide quick shipping and quick checkout, so choose a mouthwatering flavor and snag a deal before checking out. Choose from a variety of fantastic e-liquid flavors, ranging from mint-chocolate to fruit e drinks. We have a variety of VG/PG e-liquid concentrations available, as well as high VG vape juice and excessive VG e liquids. Visit our store to buy now…