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Discover The Premium Kilo E-Liquids UK

KILO E-beverages is another the premium E-liquid maker from southern California, which has been the industry leader at this stage of the e-liquid market. The KILO mixologists go to extraordinary lengths to develop cutting-edge e-beverages, often spending months sourcing the components that set their goods apart from the competition. The manufacturing procedure used by KILO e-beverages is one of the best things that sets them apart, with a steeping regimen meant to give each juice a clean, real flavor with intensity and depth. Kilo has been steadily expanding its variety of e liquids since then, with new additions such as the Black Series, White Series, Fruit Series, and, most recently, the Sour Series, each with multiple flavor profiles. You'll find the entire selection of Kilo Short fills right here in the UK at Guardian Vape, ranging from the well-known White and Black collections of e-liquids.

Enjoy The Best Kilo Synthetic Salt Series

With the Kilo Nic Salt range, a fantastic assortment of fruity treats, fruits & icy menthol combinations, and even simple tobacco flavors, this top-tier manufacturer has taken things to the next level. Each delectable vape juice from the Kilo Nic Salt is designed to keep your cravings at bay while providing a simple and enjoyable vaping experience. Vapers who honestly desire a way to receive their top-quality nicotine fix can most assuredly do this with a balanced throat hit blend of 50/50 VG/PG and nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg. Each bottle in this line comes in 10ml short fill bottles and contains 0mg to18 mg nicotine.

Kilo E-Liquids Range and Flavors

Kilo Provide a variety of flavors, ranging from Kilo premium Vape juice and Kilo Salt Nicotine. Kilo’s mouth-Watering flavors provide an unwavering commitment to creating excellent E-Juices that can satisfy vapers' cravings anywhere, one pull at a time. Guardian Vapes collection for Kilo e-liquids contains:

-Kilo Salt Nicotine 10ML

With magnificent combinations of tobacco flavors, this diverse super e-liquid brand strives to cater to a wide range of vapers. Vanilla almond milk, cereal milk, espresso milk, mango crème, dewberry cream, sweet tobacco, clean tobacco, blue lemonade, strawberry custard, milk & cookies, and berry yoghurt are among the varieties available in this fun line.

-Shortfill Kilo Premium Vape Juice 100ML

With beautiful combinations of tobacco flavors, this variety of excellent liquid brand aspires to serve to a wide range of vapers. Vanilla Almond Milk, Cereal Milk, Coffee Milk, Mango Crème, Dewberry Cream, Sweet Tobacco, Smooth Tobacco, Blue Lemonade, Strawberry Custard, and Kibera Yogurt are among the flavors available in this fun line.

Guardian Vape – Providing Premium Quality Vapes

Guardian Vape, with a large selection of the industry's best premium vape juices from well-known brands. We have the best products that any Vaper can wish for. From delectable flavor Vape juices to Vape kits, Vape Pods, Mods, and other equipment we provide everything. With so many different vape juice lines being introduced, all while maintaining the same great Kilo E Liquids taste, you'll be sure to find a vape juice that will make your taste buds go crazy with each bottle you try. Explore our wide range and order us now…