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Get Your Hands On Blue Star Nicotine Shots

Various e-cigarette brands present nicotine shots of different nicotine strengths. These shots usually come in different ranges depending on the user level and taste. Nicotine Shots enhance the strength of e-liquid when added to them. A very minimal amount of these shots into the juice is enough for a moderate vape. The blue star also presents Nicotine shots along with other e-liquids for vapes.

User Level Guide For Blue Star Nicotine Shots

Blue star presents “Blue Star Nicotine Shot 18MG/ML” that comes in a pack of 10. The capacity of one bottle is about 10ml, which means that the total of 10 bottles of 10ml shots make 100ml. Given 18mg is the strength of the shot which is added into the e-liquid. These shots shouldn’t be added in more than this strength as that can cause huge damage if you are not a professional vaper. Usually, this strength is suitable for 3mg or 6mg e-liquid. These shots are not flavored and hence can’t be consumed separately. Always use these shots by adding them to the e-liquid of the vape. 

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