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Get The Ultimate Vaping Experience With Vaporesso Coils

In the new coil era, Vaporesso is leading the way. Vaporesso is one of the leading makers of ceramic coils, and they have kept up with recent trends to provide something for everyone. Guardian Vape includes a large selection of Vaporesso EUC, Ccell, and QF coils, as well as options for each Vaporesso tank and package, including the Vaporesso GTX, GT core, and GTR coils, which are perfectly matched. All are made to strict tolerances and to a consistently high standard, ensuring that your e-liquid has an exact flavor every time you refresh it. For all electricity levels and options, several resistances, cord, and wicking types are available. With so many possibilities available from Vaporesso, please contact us if you're unsure which coils you want. We also deliver orders for free. Look through our selection of MTL and Vaporesso sub ohm coils to find your perfect vape.

Providing Different Types of Vaporesso Coils

Vaporesso Replacement Coils are known for their unwavering dedication to quality and premium-grade materials in their manufacturing. Guardian Vape Provide different types of Vaporesso Coils which include GT core, Ccell, EUC, GTX, QF, and GTR. These atomizer coils are built to last and provide jaw-dropping flavors and unbelievably dense clouds. Here is the detail:


These coils are made up of natural organic cotton and have larger airways with leak proof structure.


  • GTR 0.4-ohm Mesh, 40-60W
  • GTR 0.15-ohm Mesh 60-80W
  • Dimensions: 18.0mm width, 20.2mm Length


It has flax cotton and non-women fabric with various vaping options. It is compatible with both DTL and MTL vaping preferences.


  • GTX 0.15Ω Mesh 60-75W
  • GTX 0.2Ω Mesh 45-60W
  • GTX 0.3Ω Mesh 32-45W
  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh 20-30W
  • GTX 0.8Ω Mesh 12-20W
  • GTX 1.2Ω Regular 8-12W
  • GTX RBA 0.7Ω DIY
  • GTX 1.2Ω Mesh 7-11W
  • Dimensions: 11.5mm x 18.6mm


QF coils consist of flax fiber with cotton and have quad air flow. It produces bigger clouds which gives richer flavors.


  • Resistance 0.15Ω/0.2Ω, Power range 50-80W
  • Dimensions: 17.3mm x 18.5mm


These coils are built entirely around a modern porous ceramic wick that produces a cleaner flavor and even heating. Providing better overall performance than common coils, those coils are compatible with a variety of Vaporesso tanks as well as tanks from other manufacturers.


  • Ccell (0.5Ω)20-40W
  • Ccell (0.6Ω)60W
  • Ccell (0.9Ω)20-30W
  • Ccell-GD(SS 0.5Ω)40W
  • Ccell L-GD(SS 0.6Ω)13.5W
  • Dimensions Ccell: 12mm x 28mm
  • Dimensions Ccell-GD: 13mm x 30.2mm

GT Core

These coils are available in ceramic and traditional cotton and can be adopted in NRG, Cascade, and SKRR tank. GT Core provides deep and rich cloud taste with wide range power selection.


  • GT2(0.4Ω)Fe-Cr-Al, 40-80W
  • GT4(0.15Ω)Ni-Cr, 30-70W
  • GT6(0.2Ω)Ni-Cr, 40-100W
  • GT8(0.15Ω)Ni-Cr, 50-110W
  • GT MESHED (0.18Ω)Fe-Cr-Al, 50-85W
  • GT CCELL(0.5Ω)SS316, 25-35W
  • GT CCELL2(0.3Ω)SS316, 35-40W
  • GT4 MESHED (0.15Ω)Fe-Cr-Al, 50-75W
  • Dimensions: 15.5mm x 18.1mm


EUC is made up of ceramic or cotton combined with the mesh coil which produces best vapor clouds. These provide easy coil replacement and are generally low in cost.


  • EUC Ccell Ni Cr, 1.0Ω, 10-13W
  • EUC Mesh FeCrAl, 0.6Ω, 16-22W
  • EUC CeramicSS316, 0.5Ω, 20-35W
  • EUC CeramicSS316, 0.6Ω, 40-55W
  • EUC CeramicSS316, 0.3Ω, 35-40W
  • EUC traditional kanthal, 0.2Ω, 50-70W
  • EUC traditional kanthal, 0.16Ω, 50-70W
  • MINI EUC traditional kanthal, 1.4Ω,  9-13W

Guardian Vape-Providing You the Best

Vaporesso Replacement Coils are known for their unwavering dedication to quality and premium-grade materials in their manufacturing. Guardian Vape Provides you with the top-Quality Coils from the world’s well-known brands. In the UK, you can purchase the brand new Vaporesso Coils with meshed heating detail and compatibility. Get the jaw-dropping flavors and unbelievably dense clouds with our vape coils and enjoy free delivery.