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Have Incredible Vaping Experience with Uwell Coils

Uwell has established itself as one of the leading tech manufacturers in the vape industry. Properly specialized in developing functional sub tanks and employing cutting-edge materials, Uwell has made significant contributions to the industry as a result of its vision of revolutionizing how people vape. Uwell has expanded to produce some of the most popular starting and advanced vape kits, including the Uwell Crown series, Nunchaku series, Whirl, and, most recently, the Uwell Caliburn G coils. Guardian Vape provides the widest selection of Uwell vape coils online, including replacement coils for the Uwell Crown tank and Caliburn pod kit.

Catch Your Taste With Amazing Types

Uwell provides a wide variety of long-lasting vaping coils that produce large vapors and amazing flavors. The Nunchaku starting kit, which is suitable for sub-ohm vaping, and the Crown tank collection, which uses sophisticated coils to produce a simple, natural flavor, are two of them. Other are:

Calibrum G Coils

These coils are best for MTL vape and its 0.8ohm version produce best vapors and good for airy vape. They are compatible with Caliburn G kit, Caliburn G Pod, Caliburn Koko Prime Kit, Caliburn G2 kit and Pods.


1.2ohm: 9-13W

1.0ohm: 10-15W

0.8ohm: 13-18W

Whirl S Coils

These are made of mesh which ensure the e-liquid is automized fully for producing best flavors. These are compatible with Uwell Whirl S tank.


0.8ohm: 13-18W

Valyrian Coils

These coils are specifically designed for Valyrian sub ohm tanks. They have parallel coil system and large base which produces larger clouds with rich flavors.


Uwell Valyrian A1 0.15 ohm: quad coil design, 95-120W

Uwell Valyrian UN2 Mesh 0.18ohm: 90-100W

Uwell Valyrian II 0.14ohm: 80-90W

Uwell Valyrian II 0.16ohm: 90-100W

Crown Coils

These coils are made up of organic cotton which produces thick clouds for perfect vaping experience. They have different compatibility with their relevant types.


Uwell Crown V UN2 Meshed H-coil 0.23 ohm: 60-70W, compatible with Uwell Crown V tanks. 

Uwell Crown V UN2 Meshed H-coil 0.12 ohm: 60-70W, compatible with Uwell Crown V tanks.

Uwell Crown V UN2 Meshed H-coil 0.3ohm: 50-55W, compatible with Uwell Crown V tanks.

Uwell Crown 3 coil 0.3 ohm: 80-90 W, compatible with Crown 3 sub-ohm tank.

Uwell Crown 3 coil 0.5 ohm: 70-80 W, compatible with Crown 3 sub-ohm tank.

Guardian Vape – Providing Compatible Coils

Guardian Vape offer the latest Uwell coils in stock, as well as replacements for kits and tanks that are no longer in production, like as the Nunchaku and Crown 3. With a large collection of coils with their vast range and types, you can easily choose what you need. Start your vaping journey with us…