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Get Top Quality Jomo Coils UK Online

Guardian Vape has the UK's largest selection of vape coils, including coils from leading manufacturers such as Jomo. Jomo Coils are an important part of your vape kit because they help to restore the flavor of your e-liquid while also improving the performance of your device. These Jomo Vape coils are particularly created using dazzling materials by comparatively knowledgeable experts to provide the highest overall performance. The coils have large vapor production and the ability to fix the burnt taste. Jomo coils provide many options available if you're looking for increased vapor production with sub-ohm coils or a low-profile MTL style. Jomo Royal and Jomo coils are the main series that we provide, which are compatible with any type of VG/PG ratio.

Make Vaping Experience Versatile with Unique Types

Jomo coils are CE + ROHS Certified and are built from high-quality organic cotton and amazing peek insulator raw materials. At Guardian Vape we provide two main types: Jomo Lite and Jomo Royal Mesh.

Jomo Lite 40/40S

These vape coils are made up of 100% organic cotton and stainless steel. And are compatible with other Lite 40 mods and automizers.


Jomo Lite 40/40S 0.2 ohm, 40W

Jomo Royal Mesh Coil

These vape coils produce best vapor because of their high-quality cotton and are compatible with Royal 60 Kit/Tank.


Resistance: 0.17ohm

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Jomo coils certainly do not disappoint in terms of hardware, and you can tell that it is a fantastic piece of vape hardware. At Guardian Vape we provide the best coils with high-quality fitted wrapped wire and organic cotton wick that make you shop again and again. No matter what type of coil you want, whether it is MTL for small clouds and greater throat hit, or sub-ohm coils for large vapors and lavishing flavor, we have you covered. Explore our website and pick your favorite item to boost your mood.