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Get The Premium Innokin Coils Online UK

Innokin's extensive coil line is manufactured to exacting standards and consistently pleasant, ensuring that your desired e-liquid flavor is delivered every time you replace them. Special resistances are available to further customize your vape to your preferences and style. Innokin coils are inexpensive and may last for a long time without losing flavor or producing vapor. These vape coils are designed for the modern era, with the largest online selection available right here at Guardian Vape. Alternative coils are available for every Innokin vape kit we sell, as well as alternatives for Innokin tanks and pod kits. In addition to ordinary coiled coils, our large variety includes mesh coils. Those replacements come with the option of MTL or DTL vaping, according to on their resistance preferences.

Types of Innokin Coils Available

Innokin is known for its innovative design and pioneering period. On the Guardian Vape, we have a wide range of Innokin coils, including sub-ohm Slipstream coils (for the Cool Fire Mini), MTL Prism S Coils (for the EZ.Watt and T20S), ISUB BVC, JEM, Zenith, and replacement coils for your Endura T18E, T22E, T18, and T20S, among others.

Zenith Coils

Zenith coils have a wood pulp organic cotton wick with Kanthal coils, which are compatible with Innokin Zenith, D22, Z50, Zlide, Z-BIIP, Kroma Z and Coolfire Z50.


  • 1.6ohm: Best for MTL vaping, 10-14 watts.
  • 1.2ohm: Best for MTL vaping, 10-14 watts.
  • 1.0ohm: Best for DTL vaping, 20-25 watts.
  • 0.8ohm: Best for both MTL and DTL vaping, 14-17 watts.
  • 0.48ohm: Best for sub-ohm vaping, 12-16 watts.
  • 0.5ohm: Best for MTL vaping, 30-40 watts.

Prism S/ Endura Coils

Prism S coils are made up of 100% organic cotton wicking with Kanthal Horizontal coil. These are compatible with many MTL and DTL vaping devices. Prism/Endura coils work with Innokin Prism T18II Kit, T18 E pro tank, T18II tank, T22 Pro tank, T18E tank, Endura T20 tank, T20S Vape tank, and EZ watt kit.


  • 1.5ohm: 11-13.5W
  • 1.7ohm: 9-13.5W

JEM Coils

These are quad port coils with 100% organic cotton. These coils are specifically designed for concentrated flavor and have a cigarette like draw.


  • 1.6ohm coil: 10-13.5 watts
  • 2.0ohm ceramic coil: 10-13 watts


ISUB BVC coils are made up of 100% pure cotton and are compatible with iSub tank series such as iSub G, iSub, iSub V, and iSub Apex.


  • 0.5ohm: 30W-70W
  • 0.2ohm: 20W-50W

Guardian Vape-Meeting your Vaping Needs

Guardian Vape provides you will all the Vaping Accessories to fulfill your vaping needs. Guardian Vape has the Innokin coil for you, whether you like 1-ohm coils in your pen packaging or low-resistance Innokin coils developed with cloud creation in mind. Explore our website and choose your favorite item.