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Want to enjoy continuous smoking with your GeekVape vape device? Check out the Geek Vape Replacement Coils, a set of mesh coils designed to bring out the complex tastes in your favorite juice or nicotine salts. You're sure to find what you need with GeekVape's contemporary choice of tanks and kits, as well as GeekVape replacement coils for tanks that are no longer in production. Guardian Vape has the largest selection of GeekVape coils online, as well as replacement coils for all modern and older GeekVape tanks. With a wide range of MTL and GeekVape sub-ohm coils to choose from, we've got you covered.

Explore Geek Vape Types

Guardian Vape provides flavor boosted coils to meet your expectations. Genuine Geek Vape coils or atomizer heads are in stock, and our standard selection includes the following:

GeekVape Z-series Coil

GeekVape Z-series is compatible with GeekVape s100, GeekVape Z sub-ohm tank, and GeekVape L200 kit. This coil will produce pure flavors and rich clouds because to its quick-change prebuilt coil design and Kanthal materials. For best results, use this coil with 60 percent or higher VG e juice.


0.25 Ω Dual, 45~57 W

0.15 Ω, 80~90 W

0.4 Ω, 50~60 W

0.2 Ω, 70~80 W

New Super Mesh Coil

The Kanthal-based GeekVape Super Mesh Replacement Coils can efficiently increase the heating area and offer quick heating, resulting in huge and evenly distributed vapor generation. As a result, the coil's overall durability is improved, and it has a significantly longer lifespan. Shield, Aero Mesh, and Cerberus tanks are all compatible with the Super Mesh coil.


0.4 Ω, 50~60 W

0.2 Ω, 60~70 W

GeekVape G-series Coil

Replacement coils for the GeekVape Aegis pod kit and the GeekVape Wenax pod kit are available. Using a modular design and high-performance Kanthal mesh coils, these coils will offer dense vapor and rich flavor.


0.6 Ω, 13~18 W

0.8 Ω, 12~15 W

1.0 Ω, 10~12 W

Geek Vape B-series Coils

GeekVape B Series coils are designed for DL (direct lung) vaping and offer unmatched performance, sturdiness, and flavor. GeekVape Aegis Boost, Aegis Boost Plus, Aegis Boost Luxury Edition, Zeus Nano Tank, and Aegis Hero are all compatible.


0.2 Ω, 50~58 W

0.3 Ω, 30~38 W

0.4 Ω, 25~35 W

0.6 Ω, 15~25 W

1.2 Ω, 10~14 W

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GeekVape has remained at the top UK rankings for years, consistently providing you the top-notch mods, tanks, and RDAs. That’s why Guardian Vape has a huge collection of GeekVape products including its high-quality coils that produce the best vapors. Get the coils that deliver unparalleled flavor and performance. All of GeekVape's most popular vape kits can be found right here at Guardian Vape.