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Enjoy Premium Eleaf Coils

Eleaf is a sophisticated electronic cigarette company. To ensure that you have acquired an original Eleaf item, their products offer a unique style and look feature. The hardware is unrivaled, having been designed with only the highest quality in mind. We have a large selection of vape coils (atomizer heads) available, including those for Wismec and Joyetech e-cigarettes. Eleaf coils are known for their consistent durability across a variety of tanks and give excellent value for money. Depending on whatever coil is picked, it can deliver an excellent vaping experience. Whether you're looking for mesh coils that deliver more flavor from your e-liquid or MTL coils that reduce vapor production, you'll find them all here.

Explore The Types of Eleaf Coils

A coil with a resistance rate of 1.2ohm or more is said to have high resistance. The GS Air and GT atomizers are two examples of high-resistance atomizers. Coils having a resistance of one ohm are commonly referred to as ‘sub-ohm.' The IC and HW coils are good examples of low resistance coils. These atomizers will still create a large amount of vapor and may be found in the GS Eleaf Coils. We stock the items with the following specifications:

Eleaf IC Replacement Coil


Eleaf IC Replacement Coil1.1ohm: Ultra-compact form, 5-15W

Eleaf GS Air Coil

Compatible with GS Air, GS Air M, GS Air 2, GS-Tank, GS Turbo, GS Drive, GS Baby, GS Basal.


Eleaf GS Air Coil 1.5ohm: 8-20W

Eleaf GS Air Coil 1.2ohm: 8-20W

Guardian- Vape Offering You The Best

Whatever your preference, we have a coil for every e-cigarette on our website and more. Each type of replacement coil for your Eleaf vape kit is available. Guardian Vape not only has a large stock of replacement Eleaf coils for the most recent kits, but we also have coils for kits that are no longer in production. Explore our website and buy your favorite items to have an enchanting vaping experience.