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Discover The Best Vapcell Vape Batteries in UK

Guardian Vape provide you high quality Vapcell Batteries all over UK. Vapcell Group was founded in 2013 with the goal of developing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality lithium-ion batteries and chargers for E-Liquids. Vapcell goods have completed a call within the vaping industry with their high standards of best manipulation. Vapcell offers trustworthy services and goods. On the battery coverings of all of our VAPCELL BATTERIES are CDR (non-stop discharge contemporary) parameters. We offer highest-quality high-drain batteries for vaping and other uses. You can use these exclusively in 18650 mech mods, and they perform admirably.

Vapcell Vape Battery Features (Battery Size, Battery Type)

Vapcell batteries were created specifically for use with a variety of vape kits and mods. These rechargeable electrical cells have a high potential as well as a high-power output, making them ideal for unique vaping styles. We carry a number of well-known styles, such as 18650 vape batteries. The Vapcell INR18650 is a high-capacity, high-drain Li-ion battery with a 3000mAh capacity and a maximum discharge rate of 20A. It is a good option for your MOD 18650. Once fully charged, which takes some time, the VAPCELL 18650 Battery should last around a week before needing to be recharged. While they were only rated for 15A, they routinely exceeded this and performed at 20A.


  • Dimensions: 18650
  • Size:18.3mm in diameter and 65mm in length
  • Brand: Vapcell 
  • Manufacturer's Rated Capacity:3000mah 
  • Max Discharge Current:20A
  • Peak Voltage:4.2V 
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • No protection
  • Flat Top Style

Warning About Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries can potentially explode or burn if used incorrectly. Under any circumstance, all rechargeable batteries pose a risk. Working with lithium-ion and other rechargeable cells should be done with caution, since they have dangerous charging characteristics and have been known to explode up or burn if mishandled. Don't overcharge or discharge your batteries and recharge them quickly. Quick circuit is no longer an option. Remove it from the fireplace. Do not expose to too much heat or water. Before purchasing, make sure you know how to handle lithium-ion batteries. Never completely drain batteries. Never charge batteries to 4.3 volts or higher. Do not leave your lithium-ion batteries fully charged for long periods of time (weeks or more) Use the most efficient and high-quality battery chargers possible.

Guardian Vape-Providing Best Vape Batteries all over UK

Guardian Vapes understands the value of the vape batteries for vapors, as we have previously provided you a one-of-a-kind range of E-Liquid. Our goal is to help smokers to have the best vaping experience in a simple, effective, and enjoyable manner. We've got something to everyone's needs in a variety of ways.