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Premium Quality AWT Vape Battery

In the vaping market, AWT is held with high priority. They use their technologies to make vapers' batteries that are safe and have a high overall performance. These AWT 40A 3000mAh Batteries provide a great hit and last a lot longer than lower potential cells if you're using a high wattage mod. These batteries are powerful enough to power any mod, including those high-wattage consuming field mods and sub-ohm devices. This lithium-ion battery has an interior chemistry that is similar to that used in electric automobiles and other rechargeable energy devices. The battery has a high safety rating and provides the overall performance characteristics required to power today's sub-Ohm vaping devices.

AWT Vape Battery Features (Battery Size, Battery Type)

AWT Batteries have the same physical dimensions as regular 18650 mod batteries. AWT provides most recent and most effective battery for Mechanical Mods, RDA/RBA PVAs, and Sub-Ohm vapes. Overcharge, over discharge, overload, and temperature protection are all present in the AWT IMR 18650 3000 mAh 40A 3.7V battery. Internal resistance is low, cycle life is long, and self-discharge is minimal. AWT batteries now use a more secure chemistry called Limn, which eliminates the need for a safety circuit and reduces the risk of venting with flame or explosion.

Features Of The Product

Voltage Range

3.7V to 4.2V

Discharge Voltage





indefinitely 40 amps of current +1000 Charges Cycle Life


Lithium-ion (Li-ion)


65.05 x 18.2mm




Red is the predominant color.


The warranty is standard.


It is rechargeable.

Battery Safety in General

Because of their safety and reliability, Lithium-Ion batteries are used in the vaping business. Mishandling is usually to blame when the batteries die. There are a few simple safety precautions you can take to ensure that your batteries function well. If any of the following apply, do not use the battery: It is rusted or corroded in some way. If the wrap has been damaged, even if it is only a minor nick, The covering is flaking and bulging. It has a distinct odor. When you touch it, it feels warm. Nothing looks, smells, or appears to be right.

Before Using Fresh Batteries, Make Sure They're Fully Charged

If you're using a mod that requires multiple batteries, they must all have the same age. You must "merge" the batteries together: buy them all together, use them all together, and charge them all together. An external 18650 battery charger is the best way to charge the 18650 batteries.

Guardian Vape- Providing Best Vape Batteries UK

Guardian Vape provide AWT battery with a 3000mah capacity, allowing for longer and more enjoyable vaping sessions. This battery is suitable for all mechanical mods, PVAs, RDAs, RBAs, and Subs, and it has a thousand-cycle life. We have a large collection of high-capacity, fine-grained, and long-lasting batteries from well-known brands. These batteries are powerful enough to power any mod, including high-wattage box mods. Visit our website to get your favorite vape items.