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Make Your Vape Kit Stand For Long With A 3500mAh Battery

The worst thing while cherishing a vape can be the sign of low battery. Who wants to ruin his pleasure when it’s already at its peak? At least you don’t want this right? Get your hands on a 3500mAh capacity battery if your vape kit supports it. We offer a range of different brands offering a battery of 3500mAh capacity. There are other capacities available on our page in case you want a low or high-capacity battery. 

AWT Batteries

AWT is a vape brand founded in Texas in 2013. It is offering from 2400mAh to 3500mAh capacity batteries. Their 2X AWT 18650 35A batteries with 3500mAh of Capacity is the best fit for your vape. These batteries can bear a voltage of 3.7V.

Battery Size Offered In 3500mAh AWT Battery

The battery size of these batteries is 18650. Their portable design makes vaping easy and full of pleasure for you. The product comes in the size 65.05 mm by 18.2mm.

Presented Battery Type In 3500mAh Battery

AWT 3500mAh is a Dual Battery Pack. These are excellent for more than 800 recharge cycles. They are made up of Li-ion. Before buying any Li-ion Battery, one should always check the precautions about using this type of battery. Otherwise, these batteries can explode if so not charged properly.

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