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Looking For The Best 3000mAh Battery?

Guardian Vape offers a wide range of e-cigarette brands. All these brands gave been maintaining their reputation in the vape industry, not only for their e-cigarettes but for their other offered vape accessories and batteries as well. If you look for a 3000mAh Capacity Battery, you get the option from various brands including AWT, IJOY, and Vapcell. All these brands are well-known brands all over the world. Their demand tells their standard as these companies are beyond the ordinary.

Battery Sizes By Different Brands

AWT, IJOY, and Vapcell offer 18650 and 20700 sizes in batteries. These are the most compatible and user-friendly batteries with long-lasting battery timing and health. 

Nature Of Batteries

These batteries are of double battery as well as single battery type. Depending on the brand of batteries, the types of batteries vary. Mostly a single battery is offered by mentioned brands but AWT also offers a double battery.

Batteries Offered By AWT, IJOY, and Vapcell

Vapcell offers a 2X Vapcell 18650 battery Li-ion- 3.7V with a capacity of 3000mAh. It comes in a type of single battery. 

IJOY offers an IJOY 20700 40A reliable single battery 

Pink INR 18650 battery Li-ion- 3.7V single battery.

And 2X AWT 18650 40A batteries are offered by AWT vaping company. This is a double battery.

Choose Guardian Vape To Cherish Your Vape

What else can be more convenient than getting everything under your hand in just a single click? Well if you are that sort of person, Guardian Vape is for you. Get your hands on the vapes of your choice from the brand you like. If you have damaged your vape battery or if you are worried about your battery’s less-lasting timing, just order a new battery through our website. We have been serving all around the UK.