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Get a 2400mAh Battery By AWT For Your Vape Kit

Artisan Vapor and CBD was founded in Texas in 2013. It is one of the largest electronic cigarette retailers in the world. They are operating more than 70 stores on three different continents of the world. They offer different vaping products, coils, e-liquids, and Batteries for vaping products. With their reliable and trustworthy products, they are winning the hearts of professional as well as beginner Vapers all over the world.

Importance Of A Battery In A Vape

Battery capacity and type of vape matters a lot. Nobody wants any hurdle while cherishing his vape. What if you get a low battery sign on your kit’s screen while vaping? Doesn’t seems to be a good idea at all, right? Well, AWT is here to provide you with a battery with having capacity of 2400mAh. Its long-lasting battery timing gives extra pleasure to those who like continuity in their vaping. 

Portable Size Of AWT Battery

These batteries come in 18650 sizes. This size is suitable for many vape categories. That is why it is much-demanded size by different vapers belonging to different countries. 

Battery Type Of 2400mAh Batteries

2400mAh batteries by AWT are high drained rechargeable batteries manufactured with the use of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries come in double battery types which provides more reliance on battery limit when put in a vape kit. AWT offers 2X AWT 18650 40A Battery- 2400mAh.

Why Guardian Vape For 2400mAH Batteries?

 Guardian Vape offers a range of vapes, e-cigarettes, kits, pods, mods, coils, and batteries belonging to different brands. All gave different capacities, types, and sizes. If your battery is damaged or destroyed, you can order a new battery for your vape through our website. We assure you 100% confidence in the reliability of your ordered product. We have been serving the vapers since 2013 and always getting amazing reviews.