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What Are 20700 Batteries?

20700 battery is a lithium-ion battery confined with a definite size of 20mm diameter and 70mm of probable length. These batteries are modified than 18650 batteries and also they are bigger than those specialized in them. They also possess a higher rate of discharge than a 18650 battery. These batteries are durable, and efficient with decent power output. And they are mostly suitable for VV/VW Mods.

Check Out The Best 20700 Batteries

You can get the best 20700 battery offered by the amazing e-cigarette brand IJOY. It is a Chinese-based brand, supplying its products in many countries. IJOY is a well demanded and good reputed vape company due to the invention of high-end vape products. 

They offer an IJOY 20700 40A Battery with a capacity of 3000mAh. 

Battery Type For 20700 Battery

IJOY’s 20700 Battery comes in a Single battery type. It can be used with most 20700 regular or mechanical Vape Mods. It serves as a high energy density medium for the mod and its lightweight makes it more demanding and compatible for the vaper. It is a high-drain rechargeable battery.

Discharge Current: The best part about these batteries is their 40amp of discharge current. The battery can be both, a high-drain or a high-capacity. 

Size Of 20700 Batteries

The 20700 batteries are made fit for 20700 mods. They are unfit-able for 18650 mods. It’s good to always check before buying a product.

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