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Check A Variety Of 18650 Batteries From Different Brands

18650 is a very common battery type and is an easy fit for many vape Mods and Kits. There is a range of vape brands offering these batteries. You get AWT, QUEST VAPOUR, and Vapcell vape brands in this category. 

AWT Offered Batteries

AWT stands among the best vape brands founded in Texas. It offers 2X AWT 18650 35A batteries with a capacity of 3500mAh, 2X AWT 18650 40A batteries with a capacity of 2400mAh, and 2X AWT 18650 40A Batteries with a supported capacity of 3000mAh. 

AWT’s Battery Type

These AWT batteries come with Double Battery and Dual Battery Pack types. 

The Best Batteries By QUEST VAPOUR

Quest Vapour offers a Quest Vapour CBD 360mAh Battery and a Quest Vapour 1300mAh Twist Battery. It comes in a green pack which is a must for the vaper on the go. These batteries have a fast-charging capability. 

Charger: The Samsung USB chargers give you the freedom to charge your battery quickly.

Offered Types: These are single battery types with sizes of 1300mAh and 360mAh. 

Vapcell’s Reliable Batteries

2X Vapcell 18650 Battery Li-ion-3.7V with 3000mAh capacity is their best of all battery. It comes with a Nominal Voltage of 3.7V.

Best Charger For Li-ion Batteries

Efest LUC LCD V4/Efest SODA dual battery chargers are best for these battery types. Always be careful before using a Li-ion battery in your vape mod or kit. 

Guardian Vape Is All-In-One

The reason for its all-in-one title is it possesses different vape brands brought under one platform from different areas of the world. Whether you are looking for a vape kit, Mod, Pod, E-liquid, E-cigarette, Accessories, Batteries, or any other e-cigarette product, you can get it just under one roof. You are merely a single step away. Move forward and quench your thirst with your favourite vape.